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Qingdao EVU Environmental and Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is of scientific research design, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning and training services as one integrated technology-oriented enterprises in water treatment industry. It is holding by Qingdao Spark Textile Machine Co., Ltd which is a national Spark Industrial Group, national second-level and large-scale comprehe nsive enterprise group in China.

We use the advanced technology and equipment over the world.Our main productions: Integration Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant,Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Car Washing Wastewater Treatment Equipment, MBR Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Cutting Fluid Sewage Treatment Equipment, Pickling Phosphate Wastewater Treatment Plant, Electroplating Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Sea water desalination system, CAF, DAF ,Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine, automatic soluble drug dosing machine, Ro reverse osmosis pure water machine, mud scraper, sediment scraper,mechanical grill, the micro bubble generator, chlorine dioxide generator, USAB anaerobic reactor, membrane bioreactor, mechanical filter, water purifier, the catering industry oil-water separator, micro porous aerator, biological stuffing, aluminum polychlorid, polyscrylamide, Decolorizing agent, CLO2 liquid disinfectant, activated carbon, manganese filtration and so on series products.

We based on “technological development, pollution remediation, wholeheartedly for customer services". We hope to cooperate withall customers from all over the world and build a better world together.

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